Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Action Team / Lancaster University Emerging Drug Trends Research Programme reports (2010 to 2013):

Phase One

Measham, F. Moore, K. and Ostergaard, J. (2010) Emerging Drug Trends in Lancashire: Night time economy surveys, LDAAT/Lancaster University, available here: LDAAT Phase 1 report


Phase Two

Moore, K., Measham, F. and Ostergaard, J., Fitzpatrick, C. and Bhardwa, B. (2011) Emerging Drug Trends in Lancashire: Focusing on young adult’s alcohol and drug use, LDAAT/Lancaster University. Available here: LDAAT.P2.FINAL


Phase Three

Measham, F., Moore, K. and Welch, Z. (2012) Emerging Drug Trends in Lancashire: Nightclub surveys, LDAAT/Lancaster University. Available here: LDAAT P3 Final

Phase Four

Measham, F., Moore, K., and Welch, Z. (2013) The Reorientation Towards Recovery in Debate, Policy and Practice: Exploring local stakeholder perspectives, LDAAT/Lancaster University. Available here: LDAAT P4